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We match people who need blood with those willing to give it.

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How it works

Bloodline runs algorithms to match potential blood donors in case of a request for blood. You don't need to contact donor after donor anymore - we will do that for you and let you know if someone kind is willing to help you out. Also, you won't get countless notifications - our algorithms will contact you only if you're the ideal person.

By signing up for Bloodline, your personal details and contact information are perfectly safe - no one gets to see them unless you want them to.

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Emergencies occur every other minute. Be notified on the go - you could save a person's life by sparing a few minutes on just another Wednesday. Make every day special by knowing that today might be different.

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Targeted Approach

Your current location, the date you last donated, your party last night, and your preferences... We take care of everything.

We will contact you only when you're needed.

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Not just to blood donors. Connect instantaneously to hospitals, blood banks and other healthcare facilities.

We work hard to get more hospitals on board everyday.

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